My name is Federica, "Fede" for friends.

I was born on December 30, 1973.

After participating with Stefano, IZ5GST from several activations I became passionate about the Radio and I tried to take my radio amateur license which arrived in June 2013.

After a short experience in SSB, too chaotic for my concept of doing radio,  I became passionate about RTTY, an activity that I prefer to do in /P in order to dedicate myself to my second great passion, travelling.

Together with Stefano, IZ5GST and Piero I1ASU with the IQ5QO Club Call I've managed excellent results, having fun and visiting fantastic places

Thank You to thake the time to see my page, greatly apreciated See you soon in RTTY,

73" 88"

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DCI-WCA: 523

WAIL: 82

IIA: 21