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For each activation we will be active ssb & rtty with 2 stations at the same time;
one dedicated exclusively to the 40 meters
and the other one will work the bands of 80 20 & 30 meters may be also 60m

Stay tuned for program.....

Number of QSOs:

Dupe QSOs:

Distinct Callsigns:


QSOs per Band



QSO per Mode



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Operating Time: 0 hours 0 minutes 

Avarege Rate: 000.00 QSOs/hour

Best QSOs Rate fot 10 minutes: 000.00 QSOs/hour

Best QSOs Rate for 30 minutes: 000.00 QSOs/hour

Best QSOs Rate for 60 minutes: 000.00 QSOs/hour

DXCC worked:  

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