Since 2004

Steve Tolari


I was born in 1975 February 16th.

My passion for radio began in 1988 when, together with a friend, we were in contact with a small portable battery CB found in the garage.

Soon a radio amateur who lived near my house invited me to visit his station. Large antennas on the roof and professional equipment immediately attracted my curiosity and passion.
I continue in CB until 2004 when, thanks to the help of a friend professionist in electronic, I was able to take my license.

I love the radio in all its forms and experiments but after few years of activity from home I found what most satisfies me: the portable activity.

After many years, putting the radio in the car or in my backpack still gives me the emotions of 2006, the year of my first activation.

A thought to Paolo I5ZJK (SK) without whom I would never have become an HAM.

He was my "mentor" for many years before his passing.

Hi Paul that heaven still giving you so many DX
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